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You can disable the auto update for reports


When working with the Statistics section, the auto update is enabled by default. That means that after choosing a parameter, such as Global Filter or Currency, the report will be recompile immediately.

But, if you need to change two parameters, you have to change them one by one and wait for the report to recompile after each change.

In this release we have separated a group of parameters that can now be changed in one go if the auto update is disabled. That means that after you make the changes you need, you can recompile the report with all the new values with a single request.

Parameters that support simultaneous changing:

  • Global filter
  • Calendar
  • Date types
  • Optional parameter

How to use this?

 To make a single request for a report with several updated parameters, perform the following:

  1. First of all, disable the auto update by switching its status to OFF.
  2. Make changes to the report using Global filter, Calendar, Date types, and Optional parameter.
  3. Apply changes by clicking Update.

Autoupdate and an Optional parameter


If the auto update is disabled and you remove An optional parameter from field (1), it will stay in the report table (2) until you recompile the report (by clicking Update).

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