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How to get your payment


Payments in CityADS are made according to the payment schedule – on the 1st and 16th day of each month. For the earned money to be transferred to your account on these days, you should:

  1. Add an external account in the Office | Personal account | Payment information section by clicking Create.
    Attention: Set the Primary type for the account. The system supports two types of accounts:
    1. Primary (which your payments are transferred to) 
    2. Secondary (registered in case your need it).
  2. Receive accruals in the   Office | Financial information | History of Operations section.
  3. By the time of payment, the earned money must be released from the hold. The total hold includes the three components:
    1. Advertiser approval time. This figure is specified in the Offer card, in Summary.
    2. Payment time (always three days).
    3. System hold (always 14 days).
      It means that after the conversion the money may be withdrawn in: Approval time+Payment time+System hold time.
      That is 17 days + Approval Time.
  4. To receive a payment, you need to earn more than the minimum payment amount. For most accounts, the minimum withdrawal is an equivalent to $30 in the currency of the publisher's account.
  5. Wait until the payment date and track the status of the automatic withdrawal application in the Office | Financial information | Accruals and payments An automatic payment will be transferred to your External primary account.

You can learn more in the publisher documentation in the following sections:

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