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How to communicate with tech support


How to communicate with tech support

Support personnel handle absolutely all questions related to the System operation.
If you need to add an offer, if you do not know how to start making money, or you have any doubts concerning the accuracy of the stats, please email us and we will deal with the situation.

Our technical support is available from 9 to 21 every day, seven days a week.

Ask personally

There are two ways to contact the tech support for individual issues:

  1. Send an email to To speed up the identification of your account, please send the email from the address that you registered your CityAds account with.
  2. Send a request via this website by clicking the button  Send request in the upper right corner.

Find answers at our resources

We are developing an extensive knowledge base of the questions and requests that are sent to us. We maintain a number of resources where you can find answers you need:

  1. At this portal, use the search function that is a helpful tool to gain information.
  2. The portal has a FAQ (LINK) that contains the most common questions of publishers. We have classified all questions in several sections for easy search.
  3. This portal has a forum in the COMMUNITY section where we communicate with our affiliates. You can post your feedback there.
  4. This portal offers any person to publish his/her questions in the COMMUNITY | Questions section. Answers in this section may be provided not only by the technical support staff but by other publishers as well. This is an excellent opportunity to help each other and share experiences!
  5. We have developed detailed publisher documentation. Use it to find information on how a publisher's personal account is organized, how to work in our System, what is the payment procedure and what tools are available to publishers.

Question from Top 5: hold 14999

If you have 14999 hold, your traffic is being verified. To speed up the verification process, send proofs of your advertising platforms to the support. Screenshots of advertising campaigns and a platform stats address will help us complete the verification faster.

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