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Community rules


Look for an answer to your question before you ask it at the forum. For your convenience, the forum has a search function.

  1. Respect CityAds employees and other users. Discussing competitors is not welcomed at this forum.
  2. When specifying your e-mail address and other personal details in forum posts, be aware that they are now available to the whole Internet.
  3. Posts should be related to CityAds, except the Other section where you can post any topics which do not violate the forum rules.

Posting rules

  1. The forum is moderated, so the topics and posts that contain:
    1. swear words,
    2. self-advertisement,
    3. any form of spam,
    4. links to third party resources that are not relevant to the discussion topic,
    5. threats and provocative statements 
    6. racial, ethnic or other hatred, and
    7. graphic images of a pornographic nature

will be deleted and the user who posted such posts will be given a warning. A repeated violation will lead to disabling the possibility to post at the forum.

  1. When asking a question, ask it only once. If two or more posted questions are recognized as duplicates, they will be regarded as spam and deleted as such.
  2. By posting at this forum, you agree to the current rules. The forum administration reserves the right to change them at any time.
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