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What happens in the stats


In the Stats section, you can analyze your traffic. We provide our publishers with a wide range of data processing functions. First off all, you can use various reports:

  1. Real time reports provide stats without delay. It means that each click on the publisher's affiliate link will be immediately reflected in this report.
  2. Reports of the Stats group are reports for the previous period as data is fed to them somewhat later than to the Real time reports. However, these reports offer rich functionality to analyze the traffic.
  3. The Conversions report also provides data with a short delay compared to Real time reports. You can also trace the history by selecting: click → lead→ target action.

Functionality of any report includes three modules:

  1. Filter, where you can configure data selection for each report.
    1. Combinations of filters can be saved by clicking Save report above the Filter section. 
    2. After you apply a filter, it will be applied to all reports until you change or reset it.
  2. A chart showing the time dependence of the main report parameter.
    1. The chart is customizable: bar charts are available.
    2. You can add other parameters from the report table to the chart.
  3. Report table where the report itself is provided.
    1. The Total line shows summary indicators requested for the report.
    2. The table can be customized using the Drag-n-drop feature (just grab, drag and drop unnecessary columns) and the  button in the bottom right corner under the table.

You can learn more in the publisher documentation in the following sections:

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