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Payments to Capitalist and the Visa/MasterCard payment systems


Payments to Capitalist and the Visa/MasterCard payment systems

Now publisher can receive payments on Capitalist card and account and Visa/MasterCardcards.

  1. Please note that legal entities can't receive payments on Capitalist and Visa/MasterCard Legal entities can receive payments to a Capitalist account.
  2. The minimum withdrawal amount for each of the new accounts equals to the equivalent of $30 at the rate of the exchange date.
  3. Currencies in which a publisher can register external accounts:



Capitalist card

Capitalist account

Individual Person

€ / $

₽ / € / $

Legal entity

not available

not available

₽ / € / $


If you wish to receive payments at any of the new types of payments you will need to create a new external account in section Office |My Account | Billing Information. Once you set 01 Name of the new account, select 02 Country and 03 Counterparty type, you'll be able to choose an account type in section 04 What payment type you prefer:


If you do not have a Capitalist card yet, you can get it by the link provided in your personal account. Ordering the card through our link you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • free card issuance
  • delivery anywhere in the world
  • first year of service for free


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